Emilia Brintnall lives and works in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She is a member of the artist gallery and studio Space 1026. 

Working in a variety of mediums, she primarily works in papier–mâché producing sculpture. Her sculptural work encompasses everyday objects, animals, and plants that are lumpy, seemingly playful versions of their real-world selves. Though apparently quotidian, Emilia’s sculptures function as fantasy hybrids: objects that are vessels which she uses to explore the space between what she encounters in daily life and her imagination. Along with her sculpture, Emilia choreographs theatrical dance performances as well as produces video performances that are simultaneously humorous and disturbing.



2018    Overgrown, Fairmount House, Philadelphia, PA

2018 Born 2 Shop, Space 1026, Philadelphia, PA

2018    Solo ExhibitionThe Snake That Ate Us All, Practice Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

2018    Second State Press: Prints We Made, University of The Arts Printmaking Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

2017    New Works, Pink Slime Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

2017    Easy Feelings, Marvin Gardens, New York, NY (curated by James Ulmer)

2017    Solo Exhibition, Crocodile Moon, Brewerytown Beats, Philadelphia, PA, “Crocodile Moon”

2017    Surface Forms, The Fabric Workshop and Museum, Philadelphia, PA

2017    Two-Person ExhibitionPop Psicodelico, Galeria Umo, San Miguel De Allende, Centro Guanajuato, Mexico (with artist Mariana Camberos)

2016    People, Place, Thing, Fleisher Ollman, Philadelphia, PA (curated by Alex Baker)

2016    A Being in the World, Salon 94 Bowery, New York, NY (curated by Jayson Musson & Fabienne Stephan) 

2016    PDFW, Slow Culture, Los Angeles, CA

2015    We Pain, Lump Gallery, Raleigh, NC

2015    Entangled, Somethings Looming, Reading, PA (juried by Kathryn Pannepacker)

2015    Art Con, Little Berlin, Philadelphia, PA

2015    Duplicate Until Response, Halloon Gallery, Philadelphia, PA (curated by Laris Kreslins)

2015    Visual Conversations, Museum of San Ramon, San Ramon, Costa Rica (Collaboration with artist Rose Luardo)

2013    The Afterlife, Vox Populi Gallery, Philadelphia, PA  

2013    Blind Date, Goldilocks Gallery, Philadelphia, PA (Collaboration with artist Cory Kram)

2013    The Dead Have Dreams, Grizzly Grizzly Gallery, Philadelphia, PA (curated by Oof, a Philadelphia based animation collective)

2012    Solo Exhibition, Noisy Ghost, Bennas Cafe, Philadelphia, PA  

2012    Lights Out, Magic Pictures Gallery, Philadelphia, PA 

2011     Wheat Paste Your Heart Out, Vox Populi, Philadelphia, PA

2011     FOBULOUS, Second State Press, Philadelphia, PA

2010    Space 1026 at Show Paper, Show Paper Gallery, New York, NY  

2010    4x4, Muhlenberg College, Allentown, PA, 

2010    Philagrafika 2010, Print Center, Philadelphia, PA



2018    I Will Be Here Until I Am Not, Space 1026, Philadelphia, PA (solo exhibition of artist Jaither West)



2017    Primary Projects Soho House Artist Residency, Miami, FL (August)

2016    Fabric Workshop Apprenticeship Program, Fabric Workshop and Museum, Philadelphia, PA (January - June)

2015    ODYSSEYS Residency, San Ramon, Costa Rica (February)

2011     Second State Press, Fob Holder Program, Philadelphia, PA (January - December)



2018     Spring Festival Mural, Philadelphia, PA (curated by YOWIE & Tattooed Mom)

2017     YOWIE Window Installation, Philadelphia, PA (curated by YOWIE) 

2016     Elixr Coffee, Philadelphia, PA (curated by Ryan Strand Greenberg)



Fabric Workshop and Museum, Philadelphia, PA



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